Sun Yachts Boat Share Scheme

A quarter Share in a boat. Get on the water tomorrow!

turnkey boating

Our Boat Share Scheme has been hugely successful in the Channel Islands introducing people to boating that would perhaps otherwise not be able to afford to do so. Conversely we have had many existing boat owners who have downsized from larger boats and want a hassle free, managed experience whereby they can simply turn the keys and go. Now in its 8th year, the scheme has gone from strength to strength.

The Boat Share Concept

The syndicates are divided into 4 equal weeks which can be swapped between owners using the online calendar system. The reason for the the success of such schemes is because often people don’t want the hassle of looking after a boat on their own and don’t have the time to use a whole boat as often as they would like so sharing the cost of ownership works very well for them. It is also a great way of introducing people to boating for the first time, as the boats we have are easy to use and very safe. Ribs and sports boats that we have in our syndicates are also very versatile in that they can be used for fishing, water skiing, towing inflatable toys, making longer journeys to the outer reefs, the other Channel Islands and France. Or simply picnicking and generally lazing about in many of Jersey’s beautiful bays and coves.

The boat is supplied and managed and maintained by Sun Yachts. This provides a truly turnkey boating experience. The owners do not have to know each other previously, but hopefully they will become friends through the various social and educational opportunities that we offer.


IRON 767 (Grey) £19,850 JSY   £18,500 GSY   2023 1/4 Share

IRON 707 (White) £17,875 JSY.  £16,975 GSY 2023  1/4 Share

BRIG Eagle 6.7   2021  £11,500  1/4 Share JSY

BRIG Eagle 6.7.  ???   TBA.        1/4 Share GSY


  1. The purchase price is split between the owners allowing you to get the use of a bigger and/or newer boat than the one you may be able to get as a sole owner
  2. The running costs are strictly controlled and understood at the beginning of the contract. The only variable cost is fuel.
  3. The boat is better maintained than a rental as everyone using it is an owner and therefore has a stake in taking good care of it.
  4. As agents for the boat builders, we will ensure that the boat is purchased for the lowest possible price and the warranties are maintained
  5. It’s a turnkey operation, all administration, insurance, servicing, antifouling, and cleaning is done by the management company. Small repairs will be performed promptly and the boat will always be ready to go
  6. Your investment is for four years after which the boat is sold, and your share of the sale is returned to you.
  7. During the weeks that you have use of the boat, it is “your boat” to do as you wish from Monday lunch time to Sunday night.
  8. There is an element of flexibility to use the boat in non-allocated times if agreed by the other owner whose week it is.

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