Electric Outboards

The modern, environmentally-friendly alternative to diesel


Sun Yachts is at the forefront in the supply of electric engines to the marine leisure sector in the Channel islands.

Electric boat motors are the modern, environmentally-friendly alternative to diesel and petrol inboards and outboards. They are quieter, emission-free, clean, and need very little maintenance.

As the leading Guernsey agent for Torqeedo and Thrustme Electric outboards we can assist you with any type of electric power plant for your boat.


There are many advantages over the conventional petrol powered alternative:

  • Safe, simple operation
  • Clean to use: no smells, no leaks
  • No harmful NOx  and hydrocarbon emissions
  • Keep waterways clean: no exhaust discharge
  • Stylish
  • No pull cord
  • No fire risk carrying petrol on board