Boat Cleaning

Thorough and professional boat cleaning

Cinderella of the Seas

In Guernsey we work with ‚ÄúCinderella of the Seas” Vivianne Rock to provide a thorough and professional boat interior cleaning service, everything from a quick post weekend tidy up and vacuum right through to a deep clean under the floor boards, in the bilges, all the way to the back of lockers, headliners and berths. Whatever you need we can do it.

Specialist areas include:

Bilge and under floorboards

Floors and edge trims

Mould and mildew treatment

Headlining and berth surrounds

Lockers and fridges

Galley cupboards and equipment

Bulkheads and woodwork

We can make any boat clean and fresh, maybe with a sale in mind or perhaps it’s a boat you have just bought and you would like to freshen it up before you start using it. Contact: or Vivianne or 07839 292838