Electric Motorbikes

Classic British Engineering meets Electric Innovation.

Our electric motorbikes cater to riders who want to add more joy and freedom to their journeys while doing right by the planet. Both the Maeving RM1 and the Maeving RM1S offer emission-free riding to those who live and travel within urban environments. The performance of the RM1 is more than adequate for Channel Island travel with speeds of 45 miles an hour and a range of up to 80 miles (on dual battery models).


Great for new riders, the Maeving RM1 is perfect for those living in city centres who want to add more joy to life’s journeys.

• TOP SPEED: 45mph
• RANGE: Up to 80 miles 
• MOTOR: 3kW (4.4kW peak)
• LICENCE: Guernsey “P” license is sufficient


With a highway-capable top speed of 65mph, the Maeving RM1S is designed for those who want more power off the line
• TOP SPEED: 65mph
• RANGE: Up to 80 miles 
• MOTOR: 7kW (10.5kW peak)
• UK DELIVERY: from April 2024