Specialist Floating Docks

Tetradock are the specialists when it comes to drive on floating docks for RIBs, Boats and Jetskis. From effective budget docks to extra heavy duty models of all sizes, shapes and configurations in between.

For a quote for a dock for your boat email Simon@sunyachts.co.uk. You wont regret it, goodbye to scrubbing and anti fouling each year and hello to a fast clean boat all year.

  • Keep your moored boat or jetski clear of the water to protect it and retain its value
  • Save yourself time, trouble and money – no more hull scraping and antifouling
  • Protect your hull from ground injury if you have a drying-out mooring
  • Preserve your sacrificial anodes that are normally below the waterline
  • Add security – it’s much harder to steal a boat from a floating dock
  • Boat doesn’t take up water and gain weight
  • Clean bottom means fuel savings every time you go out
  • Your dock remains a valuable asset in its own right